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Heifer International World Headquarters
Heifer International
Arkansas Valley - Arkansas
Lower Arkansas - Maumelle Arkansas River

“A world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.” The site design for the Heifer International World Headquarters could not be initiated without consideration of Heifer’s unqualified commitment to sustainability, conservation and education. The site design speaks their issues and demonstrates their reality through a series of concentric rings that expand outward from a central commons, much like a drop ripples water or passing of the gift creates ever-expanding circles of hope in a village. One of these rings consists of a constructed wetland which creates an educational conservation experience with a global context.  The placement of communities of plants in appropriate habitats represents the diversity and necessity of human communities, as well as good ecology.

We use innovative approaches in agriculture, environmental protection, renewable energy, leadership development, and policy to increase long-term productivity, equity, and responsible resource management. The landscape design for the Winrock International Headquarters in Little Rock had a need to reflect the mission statement of Winrock and its involvement and promotion of sustainable agriculture throughout the World.  The landscape architect set out to employ a sustainable agriculture theme to the landscape while meeting the challenge of fitting into the surrounding neighborhood image of the manicured landscape.